History with Zel'no'di and UnscEdit

EVP Elite vs Predator by Gourmandhast

Zel'no'di and Xyantos discussing the fact that they had to use teamwork to get out of the large pyramid filled with Xenomorphs and the Flood

Xyantos is the friend of the humans in the Human/Covenet war 2 in 2553.He highly skilled in the ways of energy swords.He has black energy swords instead of white one's.He befriends Tommy/Tom or Spartan 116.He is the highest ranked elite there is.Zel'no'di hunts X (nickname) for a body trophy.The reason is in there first fight X acted like he was dead after he was hit by a plasmacaster shot in the shoulder,Zel'no'di thought he died started walking off and X stabbed him with his energy sword in the back.After that he vowed to skin X alive tissue and all down to his bones and keep him as a trophy.Xyantos is also the tallest of his species standing at 10 feet 6 inches.


  • Uabi 'Ginus is a long time friend of Xyantos.
  • Befriended Tom even before the elites joined the humans(Xyantos wasn't part of the covenet in the first place he was a traitor to the elites in their eyes.)
  • Has a brother that was killed by a infected by a facehugger.
  • Hates Zel'no'di.

Fighting the Aliens and PredatorsEdit

Xyantos first started to fight the deadly xenomorphs as he visted Sanghelios for the first time in years.His platoon was killed by the xenomorphs that day.But the Xenomorphs weren't the only ones their.The hunter Zel'no'di encountered X for the first time that day.They were always trying to kill each other since then.

In the templeEdit

Xyantos had teamed up with Zel'no'di one time.They were in a Yautja temple looking for a artifact that only Zel'no'di knew of.They later found out about each others species.They even found out that before the Human/Covenet that Xyantos father and Zel'no'di's father were long time friends.Even the Sangheli hunted along side with the Yautja.They considered each other...brothers.Zel'no'di and X face the Xenomorphs and the flood.Zel'no'di got the Factor-X upgrade at the Temple.Xyantos got his Energy Blazer that day.

Special weaponsEdit

  • Dual Black Energy Swords(Dark Edges)
  • Dual Fuel Rod Guns
  • Dual Energy Blazers (As seen in Halo legends'-Origins 2)
  • Xenomorph Acid grenades