Voltron Series III "Panthera Leo" is the name for a giant robotic machine and the third iteration of the super robot Voltron, developed by planet Arus.

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Like the other iterations of Voltron, this giant robot is a combination of smaller manned vehicles; in this case, these vehicles are the lion-like machines known as the Leon Machines.

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This iteration of Voltron features the same systems as its predecessors, listed below:

  • Interlock System Mark III: This iteration of the Interlock System, like previous incarnations, allows the combination of the five Leon Machines into Voltron, as well as the formation and use of Voltron's Infracell Weapons as Voltron. For security reasons, the Interlock System is deactivated when the Leon Machines are operating independently; the Leon Machine's respective pilots have to activate it manually in order to form Voltron.
  • Dyno-thermal Units System Mark III: Also known as the "Dynotherms System", this system aids in the operation of the individual Leon Machines, as well as the formation and operation of Voltron. The Dyno-thermal Units themselves measure the force, speed, power and temperature of the Leon Machines's systems, as well as providing information. //
  • Infracells
  • Megathrusters

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