Voltron: The Space League (often shortened to "V:TSL") is a fanfic season developed by Wikiman-senpai, based upon the popular 80's giant robo animated series Voltron. While based off both Voltron and yhe latter's source materials, giant robo shows GoLion and Dairugger XV, Voltron: The Space League tries to establish its own continuity, separate from the three aforementioned shows, while taking cues from these shows.

Voltron: The Space League follows the story of five space explorers, sent by the Galaxy Alliance to investigate an attack on Planet Arus, who become pilots of the super robot Voltron at the request of Princess Allura, ruler of Altea.

Premise Edit

From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes the legend of Voltron. A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil. In order to maintain peace throughout the entire universe, the Galaxy Alliance was formed by the planets of about all known solar systems. When a new horrible menace threatened the peace of the galaxy, it was decided that Voltron was needed for battle. A team of space explorers, sent by the Alliance, is selected to bring life to Voltron, defender of the universe.

A team of five space explorers are sent by the Galaxy Alliance to investigate an attack on Planet Arus, a member of the Alliance. Upon reaching Arus' atmosphere, the space explorers are attacked, nearly crash-landing on the planet's surface. Upon reaching planet Arus, the space explorers are recieved by Princess Allura, ruler of Altea, who then choses the space explorers to pilot special lion-like machines, called Leon Machines, that are able to combine into a humanoid super robot known as Voltron to defend planet Arus from the evil Galran empire's plans to conquer the universe.

The space explorers, now known as the Voltron Force are joined by several teams of space explorers from various parts of the universe, complete with their respective iterations of Voltron. As they fight the Galran empire, led by the vicious king Bazaalle, the space explorers discover the secrets surrounding the legend of Voltron, while finding new friends in the other kingdoms of Planet Arus.

Characters Edit

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  • Cmdr. Keith Sterling
  • Charles "Lance" McClain
  • Mike "Hunk" Garrett
  • Darrell "Pidge" Ross
  • Alice "Ally" Lester

Episodes Edit