Vault 45
Founded By Overseer Hikaro
Years Active 200+ Years inside the Vault, recently entered the Capital Wasteland.
Territory Unknown
Ethnicity/Composition Diverse as anyone is welcome.
Leadership Overseer Shannon Stone
Membership Anyone that wants to join is welcome.
Allies Brotherhood of Steel (Capital Wasteland branch only)
Outcast (Though they are wary of their true intentions)
Freed Pit Slaves
Vault 101
Rivals Enclave
Ceaser's Legion
Paradise Falls Slavers
Various Raider groups
Vault 87

In regards to Vault 45


The exact creation date of the Vault is unknown due to a computer glitch in the Vault 45 archives but, judging from the creation dates of the surrounding Vaults in the area, it is logical to assume that Vault 45 was constructed around the late 2060’s.


Vault 45 is located about 50 miles outside of Washington D.C., Southeast of Raven Rock.

The Vault-Tec Mission:Edit

The original mission is unknown as a virus in their archives destroyed all the data including the overseer's orders (some speculate that Vault-Tec may have put the virus in the computer system). The overseer used a book of the legends of King Arthur to setup a series of laws and coded of conduct for the Vault.

The Opening of Vault 45:Edit

Around Nov 2, 2277 a distress signal was uncovered by a radio operator doing routine scans of the broadcast frequencies. The Distress Signal appeared to have originated from Vault 101 but it seemed that the message was directed at one particular person and Vault 45 was just overhearing it. Nevertheless, it was decided that it was their duty to help those who asked for it. Although the transmission from the Vault stopped before they could track it down, they did discover that there was still human life and society in what was dubbed the Capital Wasteland. Good people were trying to survive, trade and live off the land but there were also bad people who would murder, pillage and take slaves. They were also shocked to discover the creatures that the immense radiation had mutated, particularly the super mutants. The overseer felt it was their duty to protect the good people from these evils and so have protected the wasteland ever since. Because the standard Vault-Tec armour is yellow and blue, they are referred to by most of the people of the wasteland as the Vault-Tec Rangers.

The Titles and Ranks:Edit

Recruit: A Vault-Tec newbie, at the age of 17 any member of the wasteland may take the G.O.A.T Exam and will be assigned a position in Vault 45.

Knight: A fully trained warrior of the Vault-Tec Rangers, for the most part they stand guard at Vault 45 but there are Patrols all over the Capital Wasteland.

Seeker: The researchers of Vault 45, it is their duty to research pre-war technology and try to use it in the Vault or in the Wasteland.

Squad-Commander: Commander of the patrols out in the Wasteland.

Paladin: Leaders of affairs inside of the Vault.

Elder: Heads of all affairs of Vault 45, they also serve as ambassadors to the communities of the Wasteland. Due to the lifelong required, only those born inside of Vault 45 may become an Elder.

Overseer: The absolute head and leader of Vault 45. Because Overseer’s are elected from Elders it is not possible for someone born outside of the Vault to become Overseer.