Tom wearing his Scout/Haybusa combo


Tom was born on the planet Reach.He was always a fun loving child.But when Tom was 13 years,old his parents were slaughtered by the one of the members of the Covenet known as the brutes.Soon the Unsc heard of the murder of their ex-scientist workers.They found Tom on himself on the streets with just his father's Kama Blades and the close on his back.He went with the Unsc and became the 1st spartan trainee along with 2 other children who's parents were killed.

Teen yearsEdit

From the age of 13 to his present age,Tom has been with the Unsc.He never really got to live a normal teen life.One year after Tom went with the Unsc,he had already learned so much.One year later,Tom was 14 now,he was instructed to help the new Spartan trainees.He helped them with the training course by running it first so they can see how to run it.


When Tom was 17,he learned what love felt like for the 1st time.He soon showed improvement in strength,agilty,speed,and aim...when she was watching.She soon fell for Tom,after a mission to Lv-176,when he saved her from being killed from a Gu'ta.Later on in their life they got married.They soon had a child they named Logan.They have been together on the Pillar of Inferno ever sense they married each other.


Now an adult,Tom accomplished many important things to beat the covenet.Tom has married May and had a son in his adulthood.This era in his life was the most important time.He fights in multiple battles in this era,including the Battle of Reach.

May ShotgunEdit

Tom has a shotgun he has customized over years.It is more powerful than any shotgun that exist.It holds different types of shells.It has a limit of holding 12 shells per magazine.Tom had his wife May inscripted on the side of the gun.The May Shotgun has a drum magazine and a normal magazine.The shotgun has the ability to switch between semi-automatic to automatic.