Tim bugresteen sadly looked to the ground,he was tired of hearing the demented screams and moans of the infected,the survivors were burning the dead bodies "Tim,stop day dreaming,and help us"Randal Lump,shouted"go to hell"tim said weakly,the 19 year old had nothing left to lose after "the event"the day the virus became known and spread,or to tim,the day those bastards killed his sister,he looked back to the horrifying moment.

"the spread"Edit

Tim and his sister walked happily in prospect park,in Brooklyn,his 12 year old sister was eating a chocolate ice cream,suddenly they heard sirens of an ambulance come,and then a crash,suddenly dozens of people ran towards the crash,suddenly a man,with his rib cage exposed and one eye,and decayed flesh came out,he moaned as he ran towards a mother holding her baby,and bit her,Tim threw him off,suddenly he turned around to see the mother eating her baby,he then grabbed his sister and ran as the zombies kept turning people,only six humans remained and they followed as about 46 zombies ate whatever was in their way,suddenly the sister tripped,as Tim went to help three zombies came and devoured her,in terror in sadness Tim ran,knowing that the massacre would continue.

Their changing Edit

As tim remembered that day,lando Anderson interrupted "hey kid get off your ass and help," "fine"Tim said as he grabbed a body,as he prepared to throw it he heard a noise,"what the he'll"land asked "never heard a zombie make a noise like that,we should check it put"Randall said,as he grabbed a farming syth, suddenly a naked bald man with decayed flesh and exposed skull walked towards them,he had sharp teeth and claws,suddenly he screeched and his veins and arteries shot out of his body and trapped a survivor,"help me!" the survivor screamed,as the beast pulled him in,suddenly the mutated zombies rib safe burst out of his chest,it then used it's rib cages bones to dig into the torso of the survivor,it then grabbed his head and tore it off,randall slashed it with a sythe and cut it's neck,however it's skin fused together and healed tself,"run" Tim shouted and fled,they instructed the other survivors to run also.