The life and death of Adrian crowling Edit

A man stared at a suit of armor,with a small cannon on it's wrist and a retractable blade on the other,it had exposed the jaw and forearms and hands,the mans name was Adrian crowling,he was 31 years old before he died,he was deformed,one eye was significly larger than the other and his face had lumps On it,his teeth were rotten and his nails were filthy,however he was truly a kind and polite person who never wished harm on others,suddenly as he permanently attached trioculars,2 binocular lenses side by side and a third lens on top,to the face of the armor,he discovered he forgot supplies to use,as he put on cloths that hid his grotesque look he couldn't help to think of the beauty of the night,adrian notices men walking beside and behind him,they whispered hateful words,and as Adrian turned back home,two men grabbed his arms behind his back,another stabbed him in the stomach with a dagger "kill the beast" they howled at him,as Adrian drifted in and out of conciseness he saw them tying him to a large pole,a preast muttered words,and suddenly a man lit Adrian on fire,the whole city of londan could hear his pained screams as Adrian crowlings life ended.

Dead and walking Edit

Adriana body was horribly burnt,exposing the skull were his right eye had been,his hair was in long thin strands on his head and chunks of flesh were falling off from his body,Adrian was dead,but his spirit was in he'll for he wished vengeance on his murderers,suddenly he felt a entity close to him"I can give you strength Adrian"it says "please,I will become your servant"adrians spirit says,and suddenly Adrians spirit returned to his burnt corpse,however now,he had extremely sharp teeth and claws and his muscles grew,"this power"the beast says,as he jumps 20 feet high towards his house,he keeps jumping until he crashes into the building,he then digs his hands in the building and pulls himself up towards his lab,he looks at his armor,"now,Europe shall know pain" he says as he puts his armor on,he roars and jumps out the window,he could smell his killers and moves towards them ready to kill.

Death bringer Edit

The butcher,adrian grabs a man by the name of Vladimir kravsnoth,by the throat,he then impales,him with his claws and removes his insides,killing him,suddenly in a flash,the butcher starts consuming the mans flesh and insides,"this hunger" he says "I need more"the butcher says as he swiftly jumps towards picadily circus,men and woman scream as they are torn limb from limb,and eaten by the beast,and with his strength renewed he continued,he killed many people and later on people would call the event"the butchering"