This is a spider-man fan character.

Secret identityEdit

His real name is Brendan Bearn,he always admired spider-man and repeatedly sent hate laters to the daily bugle for insulting the web slinger,one day while he was walking to school he came across norman osbourn,norman kidnapped brendan and took him to an oscorp lab,he subjected brendan to a strength enhancing serum and persuaded the 15 year old to battle spider man as the green goblin,after getting beaten,norman attempts to kill brendan by stabbing him in the stomache,spider-man takes brendan to the hospital,the boy needed blood so in guilt,peter parker donated,however the radioactive spider blood caused brenden to gain spider like powers,he was able to lift 18 tons and his agility and senses were greater than the original web head because of the strength serum,spider an noticed his powers and trained him.


His costume is black with a red black widow hour glass on his chest,his mask is like spider mans exept that it has rigid eye peices similar to venom,his eye pices were red and it exposed is lower jaw,his costume had little spikes that,like a tarantulas,shoot out and attack victims,his web shooters are exposed on his arms and his utility belt,which contains web catriges and spider trackers,is exposed,his boots and gloves are red.