backround Edit

A week after the urchin died,the Rebecca clone discovered that she was pregnant,the baby come out healthy and large.He grew up the opposite of his father,he had a loving mother,friends and he was strong,however Rebecca never spoke of his father.When he was eighteen he asked his mother about his father,after sharing his secret identity with her son,she revealed that she was a clone and that the original Rebecca was dead,finally under standing his father,he decided to continue what his father started,He created a bullet proof costume with a motor cycle helmet,he then created his own version of the urchin spike suit,however this suit allowed for the spikes to be fired,he is equipped with urchine bombs and a mace.After finding the butcher attempting to consume his best friend,Ben Barkelay,he used his holy water dipped weapons to defeat the butcher,finally succeeding were his father failed,however the butcher was merely holding back his true abilities,and used his shadow manipulation to trap Michael(the sea spike),ben then transforms into a young blood vampire,with sharp teeth and claws,and a deformed face,he is now a dangerose foe,after the butcher beats micheal senseless,he offers mikes bloodmto Ben,however the butcher licks some shed blood from the floor and recognizes him as his enemies son,he then commands Ben to leave,as he wants to terrorize mike.

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