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Sunday, 23 July 2017
this is a DBZ fan character
Son Uub by PuffyAmiYumiFan1215

Backround Edit

He is a 15 year old human training with master roshi,he has short black hair and blue eyes.

Forms Edit

Maximum power his muscles expand and his power drastically increases,his speed and stamina decrease,but his physical strength and ki attacks are increased.

"'Kaioken"'doubles his power for a heartbeat for every use.

Attacks Edit

Kamehameha-a beam of energy

Blitz blast-he charges a basic ki blast,it grows and has blue electricity around it,he then throws it and explodeds into a million pieces,the pieces rain down and tear the enemy apart.

Split form-creates copies of himself to fight

Ki shield blocks all attacks

Solar flare stuns enemy

Ki spike-multiplies his ki and allows him to use stronger attacks,increases his power

Grand kaioken-an advanced version of the kaioken,it gives the user a golden aura,it makes the fighter equal with a super saiyan 2

Supreme kaioken-the most powerful technique,it grants the user infinite power,being able to beat a super saiyan 3 in one punch,it gives the user a golden aura,blue electricity around him,his eyes grow all white with no pupils and his vains bulge on the sides of his face,however,if a fighter uses this,they die after using it.

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