Rick's Ninja suit that he made after his girlfriend was slaughtered by a gang.

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Rick Patterson was just an average man.He was nice and talkative before the incident happened...He is now a shattered man from how he once was.He is still smart but he is also very quiet.

Tragic IncidentEdit

One rainy day Rick come home with ring...He was going to propose to his girlfriend,Joy.When he came home he found his girlfriend battered and bruised.She managed to speak out the name of her killers.It was a new rising Chinese gang.The name of the gang was The Rising Suns.As Joy uttered her last words,Rick vowed that he would slaughter all of her killers no matter the time it would take.His final words were "I love beloved wife."Rick then put the ring on her finger and she last said "I do..."Then she passed away to heaven.

The NinjaEdit

Fueled by incredible rage Rick soon made a Ninja suit and began slaughtering his dead wife's killers.He would soon be called the Ninja by The Rising Suns.He may not have any powers but his vengence for his wife's killers and his love for his beloved wife gives him strength.


Like the silent Ninja,Rick uses silent weapons.He also uses many firearms.His weapons are:

  • Dual Swords
  • Shurikens
  • Smokescreens
  • Grappling hooks
  • Pepper Balls (pepper spray in ball form that burst when hit)
  • AA12-Shotgun
  • Dual Glock 18's
  • Barrett .50 Cal.


  • Like Spiderman,Rick created his own suit with multiple different designs.
  • The Ninja aka Ninja belongs to Zel'no'di's own superhero series called the SX Hero's.

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