The story of Predatorial Halo takes place one year after the defeat of the covenet.It features the Yautja (Predators) and the Xenomorph (Aliens).It also features characters from both Zel'no'di and Nightmare76.Some examples of the main characters are:

  • Zel'no'di-Main antagonist Yautja or Main protagonist Yautja. (depends on story)
  • S'loss aka Night Viper-Main antagonist Yautja or Main protagonist Yautja.(depends on story)
  • Spartan ACS-Tom-116-Main protagonist Spartan and human.
  • Xyantos aka X-Main protagonist Sangheili.(elite)
  • Double Blade aka DB-X-Main antagonist Xenomorph.

Some of the supporting characters are listed below:

  • Spartan MEY-118-May-Wife of main Spartan,Tom
  • Spartan ChainBlade-AXT-Logan-119-Child of Main Spartan,Tom.
  • Spartan Snipes WTS-Mat (Matthew)-120-Friend of Logan and Sam,he is a Spartan Trainee.
  • Spartan Slash SJG-Samus-121-Friend of Logan and Mat,he is a Spartan Trainee.
  • Zaf'el-S'loss' daugther.
  • Zest-Zel'no'di's son.
  • Kree-Klii-S'loss' half brother.
  • Razor aka Myranda Graves-Half Human half Xenomorph Unsc scientist,friend of Tom's.

The war carries on with more characters entering the fray everyday.Only the Unsc can stop this war...but is this war truly fought with the covenet?Or is it the hunters and bugs?