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Shadow fromed between Pluto and Neptune. It is a volcanic planet, a red sky. The inhabitants are called Shadowians, and are catlike. Even though Shadow is far from the Sun, the volcanoes warm the planet. A Namekian once visited the planet and taught a wise female Shadowian how to create Dragon Balls. The inhabitants hid them in the caves and volcanoes, keeping them safe from evil visitors.


Shadow is quite large, and is 40 times the gravity of Earth. There are volcanoes constantly erupting, and the people use it to their advantage. They farm crops and animals on the burned lands. The planet is 100 years old. There are large villages with matriarchs to lead them. The wise women are the leaders, and often stop scuffles started by youngsters. The surface is red, but large lakes are populated by strange marine life. The animals that live there are mostly omnivores. The prey animals, usually eaten by Shadowians, have around six eyes to spot predators. The predators are almost the perfect hunters, having all the qualities the predators on Earth have.

One of the most feared predators are called the Geos. Geos have the body of a dragon, head of a wolf, wings of the falcon, and legs of a lion. It preys on the cattle and people of Shadow. The Shadowians worship these mighty beasts.