Pilots is the first episode of the giant robo series Voltron: The Space League.

Prologue Edit

Planet Arus. A planet as distant as similar to ours. It is situated billions of light-years away from Earth, our home planet, yet it shares a handful of similarities to our planet.

One of these similarities is that both planets are members of the Galaxy Alliance — an alliance formed between the planets of about every solar system known to us, with the goal of maintaining peace throughout the universe. Another similarity is that these two planets have similar ways of civilization and organization. Like Earth, Planet Arus has its share of countries, complete with their own people, laws and culture.

One of these countries include the Kingdom of Altea, a relatively peaceful land with an otherwise powerful military force ready to defend this kingdom. Overlooking this nation is the massive Castle of Altea, a giant fortress with walls of steel and armed with an advanced defense system. That castle is also home to the Legend of Voltron, a mighty robot that is loved by good and feared by evil.

For a long time, the Kingdom of Altea lived and prospered in peace with no apparent major problem. But then, a new horrible menace threatened the peace of both the Kingdom and Planet Arus; it was the evil force of the ruthless Emperor Bazaalle, a monster bent on conquering the universe, whose ships began opening fire as soon as they appeared in the skies of the Kingdom, devastating all that stood in the path of these ships.

It is then that the royal authorities of Altea decided to contact the Headquarters of the Galaxy Alliance about the invasion of the kingdom made by Bazaalle's forces. While they know they can fight outside forces effectively, the armed forces of Altea think that they can use a little help...

Chapter 1 - The mission begins Edit

The Galaxy Garrison, the Headquarters of the Galaxy Alliance located on Planet Earth, recieves a call from the Defense Alliance of Arus.