Ni-Ni at a younger age

Ni-Ni Haruno is the daughter of Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki.


Ni-Ni inherited the bright beautiful eyes of Naruto, and the pink hair of Sakura. She grew her hair long, so it reaches half of her back. She wears her forehead protecter on her forehead, and wears a bluish black dress, with blue shorts underneath. She is 14 years old.


Ni-Ni is a tomboy, and detests the very thought of dating. Naruto, the proud poppa he is, does not at all disagree with his tomboy daughter. Sakura also agrees with young Ni-Ni, often remembering how Sasuke and herself had a hate-sorta love relationship. Needless to say, young Ni-Ni does have a crush on HijouHyuga, though she often denies it while blushing.


(To Hijou) "Hijou-kun, please, please do not do this. I will withdraw, I will leave this battle, if you say you love me.."

(To Sakura) '"Momma, boys are sooo inferating!!!!But I so love Hijou!! He's like, the strong but silent type!!!"

(To Naruto) "Poppa!!! I wanna be Hokage, but I want you to be the Sixth Hokage, so I can be Seventh Hokage!!! Konohamaru can be the Eight Hokage!!!!"

(To Hijou) "Hijou!!! Are you on something?? You're eyes are freakin' me out?? Isn't this called 'doping'? Is this allowed? hijou!! Answer me!!!"


Ni-Ni also inherited the brute strength of her mother. An expert in taijutsu at age 14, most boys are afraid of her. Sakura often uses Lady Tsunade's teachings when working with Ni-Ni. However, Ni-Ni is just as stubborn as Naruto, and often enjoys pranking her elders, such as Kakashi Hatake and Lady Tsunade. Ni-Ni is a Chunin.

  • Ni-Ni in kimono
  • The Young Family
  • At The Chunin Exams
  • Ni-Ni's Team
  • Ni-Ni

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