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The sealing Edit

"you sure you're up to this" a mysteries voice said " I'm tired of being a disgrace to my father and uncle,I want to protect my friends and find my uncle......sasuke uchiha" the young uchiha said " alright let's do this" suddenly a blue energy flew into the young man,his echoing screams could be heard a mile away as an evil entity was making it's home in the mans conscience" kaizene uchiha,the new jinchuriki of the two tailed monster cat and a possesor of the sharingan,you are now the ultimate shinobi!" the voice said " ugh this hurts" kaizene said "hehehehehehe now jinchuriki bring pain to all enemies of konoha!" the voice said " yes raiken sensei" kaizene said and he walked off with his red sharingan eyes glowing in the darkness.

Death bringer Edit

Kaizene dashes towards the konoha hokage monuments and dashed back to the village,he jumps on the hokage mansion and stands still,suddenly a blue aura surrounded his body and his nails turned into claws and his teeth sharpened,he used his initial jinchuriki form,and then used his sharingan technique,transforming his eyes red,suddenly,he punches through the rooftop and jumps in a man named Ichato saratobi stared in awe,"Kai-" he started,however he was kicked in the face before he could react,he was )hurled to the wall from the power of the blow " shadow clone jutsu!" he shouted and created a clone of himself,the clone then spun his hands above ichato's hand,using their energy to create a spiraling ball of blue energy "rasengan!!!" he screamed as he ran at kaizene " fire style:fire ball jutsu" kaizene shouted and flames burst from his mouth,the two attacks collided,under normal circumstances rasengan would overpower fireball jutsu,however with the two tailed monster cats under his control,his jutsu overpowered the other and severly wounded ichato,"yes I have power" he shouted and walked away.Suddenly a large explosion of power was felt by kaizene as ichato entered sage mode,he ran at kaizene and slammed his fist into his rivals chest,"grrrrr" kaizene growled,as he formed hand seals"CHIDORO!!!" he screamed.