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Chapter 1Edit

"Manaki!! Wait for me!!" Misaki grabbed her handbag and ran to her best friend, Kalori Manaki. The two chunins walked home, giggling about boys, and the latest jutsu. "Whooooooa Manaki!! That boy is checkin' ya out!!" Misaki yelled out, making poor Manaki blush as she met eyes with the young jonin looked over. "Lady Kalori, Lady Kuryoma, Lord Third requests your presence," An elder ninja said, but Misaki ignored him. "Yess!! Let's get some ramen Manaki!! Oh WAAAAIIIITER!!!!" The ninja glared at Misaki, and said,"You do not have the authority to ignore Lord Third's request. Now, do I have to carry you to him myself, or will you go willingly?"

"Fine fine. Forget the ramen waiter, we're out of here!" Misaki stood and followed the ninja, with Manaki walking slowly behind. "Misaki, what do you think Lord Third wants with us?" Misaki grinned and said,"Don't worry! Lord Third's just an old geezer, nothin' much!" The ninja turned back towards them, and said "He awaits." Misaki began walking up the steps to the Lord Hokage's room. Manaki knocked softly, but Misaki pushed the door open and said, "Whatdya want old man?" The Third Lord grimaced, and said, "Kuryoma, Kalori. After I observed your ailities, I have decided to make both of you ANBU soldiers. I know that you, Misaki, you are an exceptional tracker, and that you, Manaki, you're an informant. With both of your abilities, the two of you could become partners, and I need you two to keep the whereabouts and information on the Jinchurikis, bijuus, and anything else we need to know about them. Dismissed. Tokai Laka will give you your masks, and your equipment."

Misaki looked down, and followed Manaki and Tokai to the equipment. "Manaki, I don't understand why they want me to be an ANBU soldier. I do not cope well with not talkin' and stuff like that." Manaki ignored her friend, clearly excited about being in ANBU. Misaki grimaced and thought to herself, 'Manaki must be proud, she's actually becoming something besides my best friend.'