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Him as a drone before his transformation

MARS is a adult xenomorph warrior.after a battle with 2 green berets he
Race Xenomorph
Gender male
Birthplace U.S.S CAFRON(a spaceship)
Height 25 feet long
Blood Type acid
Status Xenomorph king
loses 1 dorsal tube and gets an X on his head after being cut by a knife twice.after
Xenomorph King by Dodger the Hedgehog

mars as a king on xenomorph prime

his battle with the green berets he molts his skin(but for some reoson keeps the X ) which his skin is bullet proof to a certain extent.Mars name refers to the god of war which mars is in fact a very dangerouse opponent in both forms.When he molted his skin his skin become greyish white he grew spikes on the top and sides of his head he also grew another poisonouse tail so that any victim of his tail will inevitably die without advanced medicine like a predators.

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Re:aliens infestation.

AVP:the hunt

Aliens:new hive

Mars:god of war

Aliens:apocalypse(cameo-mentioned as"grey one with two tails")

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mars was born onboard the U.S.S CAFRON from a man named harold after that mars and the queen crashed in a town in new jersey he and the queen created a new hive mars then harvested many people and fought and killed 3 green berets leaving a scar and transformed he then had a vision of the hive dying he and 2 other aliens left the hive.Mars then went with his two siblings and fought against two groups of predators and humans.Mars then progressed to a rural town where he transformed into a preatorian and commenced battle with s'loss a.k.a night viper presently.After a draw in the battle,mars was wounded,after healing,he went to new Mexico were he found "the thing"in area 51,after a vicious fight,mars emerged the victor,however,the weakened mars was later captured and brought to xenomorph home world.Mars quicklyadjusted to his new habitat and ventured into a nearby hive,mars killed the queen and found a mate in cherice,a xenomorph drone,after cherice molted into a xenomorph queen,mars and her fought an android super yautja,after one final battle,mars and his mate won,mars later lived on xenon prime forever.