This is a Jurassic park fan story created by xenosaiyan57

Isla sorna Edit

On site B of jurassic park,dinosaurs who lived there overran it,one day a group of scientist and their bodyguards were sent there,"why the he'll are we here"a marine muttered,"that's confidential"Dylan shoud said "Aw come on let him hear" Jack Gert said "ok the company who shall remain unnamed learned of Ingens cloning experiments of dinosaurs,however the companies use of them is confidential"Dylan said,suddenly they found a base "that's it" Jack said as he smirked.

Attack Edit

As the group walked in the base they found villas of blood and other DNA samples,"bingo,we've hit the jackpot "Jack said,"we got,velociraptor,Galliminus,Tyrannosaurus,cephala-"Dylan started as a velociraptor jumped on Him,"DYLAN!!!!!!"Jack screamed as his friend was torn apart,two more velociraptors came from the sides and killed a marine,"holy s-" a marine began as another raptor ripped open his stomach with his toe claw,Jack ran out alongside a marine by the name of Rick Burton,"what the he'll"Rick shouted as they shut the doors,they ran up to a fallen tree and climbed up,the five raptors broke out and were running towards them "catch"Rick shouted as he threw a glock pistol at Jack,BAM,BAM the bullets sounded as they dug into the raptors skulls,Rick shot three more raptors with a rapid fire assault rifle,after killing them all,they went back inside to collect an assault rifle,handgun ammo and a combat knife for Jack and ammo and a handgun for Rick,they then went to their plane"let's get the he'll away"Rick said as they neared the plane,suddenly a loud roar is heard and footsteps are heard as they start the engine,suddenly a large 32 foot long ceratasaurus with a horn at the end of its snout,it was red with yellow eyes it bit the planes wings off and crushed it,the duo luckily escaped as the predator gave chase.

Night of horror Edit

The duo run as the ceratasaurus runs at them,they climb up on a hill to escape the threat,just as the dinosaur prepares to bite Jack,Rick unleashes a barrage of machine gun ammo on the beast,the ceratasaurus reels back in pain,they continue to climb up the rock wall,the ceratasaurus roars and attampts to claw at Rick however Jack throws his knife above the dinos eye,the din is unaffected and attempts to clamp his teeth on Jack,Rick jumps and slashes a scar by the ceratasaurus right eye,it roared as Jack got up,"take my hand!"Jack shouts