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Friday, 14 December 2018
This is a Digimon Fan character by xenosaiyan, don't edit without permission.

Backround Edit

Jacques is a rich kid from France0, he is 10 years old, he never had many friends except for ones he met online on a digimon web site. One day a mysteries link was on the site saying digiportal, curious, he opened it and was transported into a virtual copy of earth created by Elijah.

Digimon Edit

In the digital world, he met a new friend, a Digimon named Cutemon, they soon became battle partners and Jacques eventually found a special Golden Digivice, he then heard of a prophecy telling of a boy with goggles protecting the Digital World, alongside a giant wolf.

Appearance Edit

Jacques has shoulder long blonde hair, he wears googles on his head and he wears a blue jacket and white slacks

jacques(credit to tots45 on photoshop)

Digimon forms Edit

  • 243280-cutemon t large

    his partner digimon cutemon

    Cutemon - His partner Digimon it has the ability to heal wounds
  • Lekismon - His Digimon's Champion form, obtained after absorbing energy from the moon.
  • Crescamon - His Digimons Ultimate form
    Lekismon b


  • Crescemon b

    crescamon, his digimons ultimate form


    magnadramon,his digimons final and most powerful form.

    Magnadramon - His Digimon's Mega form


This is the form Cutemon takes on after combining with the data from Shoutmon.

  • Shoucutemon - An aggresive Digimon with amazing power and speed.

    shoucutemon(cutemon shoutmon)