Intro Edit

This Godzilla is the millennium Godzilla from Godzilla 2000.

Chapter 1 Edit

"we have been rid of Godzilla for 6 years" The prime minister said "it' is time to commence our mission to the sea" he said again,suddenly two small girls said "no you will awaken gamera,he will awaken Godzilla and lay waste to the city,no one could stop them," the fairies said nervously " nonsense,we have been partners since 2003 whenn Godzilla attacked us,you promised mother would protect us" the prime minister said."she can't" the fairies muttered,"why not!" the P.M shouted "sh.,.she....she's dying" they answered and tears rolled down their face"no" said pm "this can't be happening".Suddenly a roar was heard.