Here are the rules on this Wiki.


  1. No sexual or other inappropriate pages.
  2. Do not harass other users or insult their work.
  3. Do NOT copy other users' work. Doing so will result in you being banned without warning!
  4. Do not make spam articles. They will be deleted and you may be banned.
  5. Please place proper categories on your articles as it is hard for the admins to do it themselves all the time.
  6. Respect other users' privacy.
  7. As tempted as you might be to make pages for your favorite canon characters from you fandoms, please refrain from doing so as having canon articles will just complicate things and spam the wiki with articles it doesn't really need.
  8. It IS perfectly fine to use canon characters in your fanon, however. Examples of this would be mentioning canon characters in a fan character's profile or having the canon character appear in your fan fiction (even as one of the main characters).
  9. If you do have characters from a copyrighted franchise appear in your story, do not tag it as being an original story. In the case of characters, they can double as both original characters and fan characters.
  10. Do not infringe on other people's work! If you want to use another users ideas or characters, ASK them for permission first!
  11. Please do not edit other people's work unless you have permission! Admins may edit other people's articles, but only to correct mistakes such as categories.


  1. Breaking any of the rules will not go without consequence.
  2. The first two times you break a rule will result in warnings.
  3. The third strike, and you’re out. Your account will be blocked if you dare go that far.

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