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Apperance Edit

Elijah has short black hair and brown eyes,he wears a red fleece jacket,he wears blue baggy jeans and black timberland boots.he is 12 years old.

Deck Edit

Elijah uses a combo deck,he uses a combination of dragons,dinosaurs and reptiles his signature card is blue eyes white dragon and winged kuriboh,he has the original Egyptian god cards and his most powerful cards include,ultimate tyranno,black tyranno,super conductor tyranno,blue eyes white dragon,winged kuriboh lvl 10 and the 3 god cards.

Strategy Edit

Elijah mainly simply chooses to use magic cylinder and other cards to ensure that his opponent can't attack and to overwhelm his opponents with powerful monsters,his trump card is to summon his 3 strongest monsters,blue eyes,ultimate tyranno and super conductor tyranno to sacrifice them to summon winged dragon of ra to win with the combined power of the three which is 9300.

In digimon Edit

Elijah is the creator of the digital monster realm,he created novamon and copied other creatures from the digimon television show,after sending his game to his friends,he found that his game had a virus that sent him inside the system were he met his digimon novamon.