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Tuesday, 13 November 2018
this is a DBZ fan fic by Xenosaiyan57 please do not edit w/out permission

Chapter 1 Edit

Goruto flew towards an extremely high power level,it was his nemesis's,rozan,suddenly as he neared rozan,he teleported to him,"greetings"rozan said,wasting no time,goruto aimed a punch towards rozans face,however rozan grabbed his fist and threw goruto in the air,rozan turned ssj3 and teleported behind goruto,he kicked him in the back,goruto screamed as his hair grew and his armor was removed,his chest become hairy,and his tail grew white and longer,he was an ultimate super saiyan,he teleported behind rozan and threw him on the ground,rozan flew at him and the two unleashed a barrage of jabs on each other,goruto then hooked rozan,rozan then uppercut him,and goruto kicked him to the ground,goruto thrust his hands in the air and created a gigantic orb of red ki,he then condensed it into a smaller sphere,"positron cannon!!!"he screamed as he fired a colossal red energy beam at rozan,while rozan was charging a golden energy attack"supreme electron burst"rozan screamed and shot a golden energy beam at goruto,the two attacks locked and struggled against each other,they then created a gigantic explosion.

Chapter 2 Edit

The two warriors stood wounded,goruto reverted back into his normal form"KAIOKENx2,goruto screamed as a red aura surrounded him,"enough,rozan retreat"Showa said"yes master"rozan said as showa teleported him away.Goruto was shocked,he pulled out a green senzu bean to heal himself,he then teleported to rozan,he instead saw Showa,however he had a majin seal on his head and he resembled frieza form 3 "hello my friend"Showa said "W-what are you doing here"goruto asked"Showa flew in front of him "none of your buisness"he said as he kicked goruto in the face,goruto didn't have enough energy for ultimate saiyan,so he used kaioken x3,in a burst of energy he punched showa but to no effect,"solar flare" goruto said to blind his enemy as he flew away to charge his energy,showa then flew at him and interrupted the charging,goruto went super saiyan and kicked him in the face,Showa then pummeled and beat goruto around,goruto knew he couldn't win,and used solar flare again,he then hid his energy level and teleported away.