Team Moegi


Chiba Inuzaka is the youngest member of Team Moegi. He is on the team with Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura's daughter, Ni-Ni, and Shikamaru and Temari's love child, Temmaru. He is accomapnied by his puppy, Akamaru's son, Ahau-Kin. He is also a medic-nin.


Chiba wears a fitting jacket, and baggy pants. He has two marks on his cheeks, and has the slit like pupils in his eyes. He has shaggy light brown hair. He keeps his forehead protecter in his pocket, and often wears it to serious battles and/or meetings. His puppy, Ahau-Kin, has white fur, and a brown marking between his eyes.


Chiba is much more laid back, and often helps out with the household instead of training with Akamaru and Kiba. He can be at times very savage and vicious, even going as far as attempting to kill Temmaru when she insults his bloodline. He fears the sight of blood, but will often do whatever it takes to help heal his teammates when faced with severe injuries.


Chiba has yet to master the Fang Over Fang Techinique, but is skilled highly in the Four Legs Techinique. He seemingly disapproves of the Ninja Centerfold Techinique, and often puts the older, more experienced jonin Konohamaru in his place.