As a Charmander,Blaze was playful but very ferious.It seemed like he was already a Charizard.His flame was healthy like most Charmanders are.He learned the Flamethrower attack at Lv-15.


Once Blaze's Charmander form evolves into Charmeleon,he becomes even meanier.While he's not as mean as Ash's Charmeleon,he still is a very tricky Pokemon.


Finally reaching his fire/flying type,Blaze takes advantage of his new flight ability.He is much larger than the average Charizard standing at 8'6 instead of the average 5'7.His main move is his Blast Burn attack.


An unseen evolution of the Charizard family,Blaze evolved from anger in a fight with one of the most powerful pokemon,Mewtwo.He is larger,9'6,than his Charizard form.His signature move is a new and exclusive move to him only.It is called Super-Nova.If it hits,it will instantly ko the opponet.


Charmander by KiwiesRuleXD

Blaze as his cute Charmander form.

Charmeleon by Xous54

Blaze in his vicious Charmeleon form.

Charizard by RapidashKing

Blaze in his fiery dragon form,Charizard.


Blaze's final and most powerful form,Charcolt.