Zombie Wolf by LLawlietDeathNote

Unknown to the public,Xavian industries was actually a terrorist group,whos goal was to create "super-soldiers"to countries,however,after a certain amount of time,the super soldiers mutated further and turned on their possesors.


The virus is disquised as a cold symptom reliever to further spread it,once injested as a liquid,small micro orginisms re write the jeans and cause them to mutate.

known mutationsEdit

  • the hollow- this mutation is a human infected with the virus,the traits of it are sharp teeth,claws,huge muscles and are usually eight feet tall.They can lift over 13 tons.
  • The kraken- is an octopus infected with the virus,it is 30 feet and has rows of teeth circling its bottom,its tentacles end in poisonus barbs and its suction cups have rows of sharp teeth.It can release acid
  • Sasquatch-is a gorilla infected with the virus,it has no fur,its eyes are white it is 12 feet tall and has sharp teeth and claws.
  • The loup garou- is a wolf infected with the virus,it is 15 feet long,and is missing its fur and chunks of flesh,its claws and teeth are much sharper and they have foam around their mouths,they can run at speeds of over 175 miles per hour and can cause agonizing pain in human ears when it howls,the wolves infected with the xylene drug follow this beast as their pack leader.