Murder Edit

Dozens of people mob the streets of picadily circus,in London,just to get a glimpse of the police pulling out a dead body from the sewers,it had it's face and arms ripped free omits body and one of its legs gone,as the police pondered what did this,rats with red eyes and no hair ,with sharp teeth were running about the sewers ready to head into the cold night of the London.

The plague Edit

An old woman sat down on a bench in the subway,to eat her bagel,it was 8:00 pm and she had to go home,her body was fatigued from walking all day and she laid down to rest,oblioviose to the hairless rodent behind her,staring at her with bloodshot,red eyes,it then sunk it's teeth deep into her neck,"aaugh"the woman screamed in agony as her neck was bleeding,the rat then attempted to take another bite,but she grabbed it and threw it to the floor,a man then stomped on it revealing black blood."what the he'll?"a man says as he studies the rodent,"we need to get you to the doctor" he said "no,no I'm fine" the woman said "are yo sure" the man asked "y-yes "the woman says as a train comes,"it's my train,I best be off she says as she disappears into a crowd of people,she could seen one last time clutching her neck,a pained look at first,but then turned into a sweet old smile"god bless that woman" the man mutters as the train leaves.

First case of the chupa plague Edit

A newspaper flew around London as it lands it says these words,the day was December the twelve when the ambulance found an I'll woman laying on the floor,apparently the victim was throwing up blood and her teeth had gone rotten,the nurse said she looked inhuman,they rushed her to the hospital at 7:06 pm,they diagnosed her with a new disease which they call the chupa plague,the plague travels to the brain and eliminates the brain functions reducing them to a coma state.As that newspaper flew around,the old woman lay in the hospital,as the nurse came in to check on her,the old woman shot up and while giving an awful scream,she bit the nurse,with bleeding eyes with black blood and rotten teeth,in a mouth filled with black blood she viciously attacked the nurse,if it weren't for the security officer coming n,the nurse would've been killed,as the security guard restrained the crazed woman,the nurse coughed bloodshe then screamed awfully and started eating the security officer alive,in the officers screams of pain,people just watched in horror as the officers blood splattered aginst the windows.