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Amy Ryder is a 17 year old witch in the Army of Many.

The girl is slender, has bright green eyes, and brown hair. Her mother, who was burned at the stake for creating the monster that slayed Jon Black's Father, was a decietful woman, who's eyes could have bewitched any fool.

The monster created was an animal, with 3 distinct parts...


The monster had a Lionness body, a Wolf's head, and a Goat's legs and tail. It was monstrous, the size of an adult male Grizzly.

The Wolf's jaws could rip apart its foes, and leaked venom from the canines. The sleek body of the Lioness allowed it to slip through even the tightest spaces, and the fur was toxic. The legs were used to make it be able to walk sturdy ground, and run fast.

It is known that Amy Ryder has the creature in captivity, and is known for letting it attack her enemies.,

Amy's own dragon was slain by the cousin of Jon, known as Lexia Madrid. The dragonslayer attacked Amy for slaying her Uncle, the Father of Jon.