Chapter 1Edit

Darkra was on a recon mission to go find his brother.But when he got to LV-234,he saw his brother's dead body on the floor.

Darkra talked in his native language"My brother...The serpents will suffer for this."

He saw acid burning through his brother.He knew what killed him.His brother was mighty and no normal serpent but a Omega Predalien could kill him.Suddenly multiple warriors and drones attacked Darkra.He fought off the horde without trouble.He then healed himself with his Medi-Comp.When he was done he set of to find the Omega Predalien that killed his brother.Suddenly he heard marines firing at Xenomorph warriors.He changed from his Serpent vision to his thermal vesion and cloaked.There were 10 marines.But Darkra threw 2 Proximity Mines that killed 9 of 10 of the marines.The last marine ran for his life.But to no avail Darkra shot his Xy-618 Plasmacaster.It blew a gaping hole in his chest.Darkra finally reached his destination ,after jumping from tree to tree.He came upon a pyramid.He walked into the pyramid to find multiple chambers.

Chapter 2Edit

He saw his brother's murderer,an Omega Predalien.He drew his wristblades.Both Darkra and the Omega Predalien fought fiercely.Then the Omega Predailen hit Darkra so hard that his mask ripped in half.But Darkra used his long wristblades and jabbed it in the Omega Predalien's head and ripped right off.Darkra had gotten revenge for his brother...he left happily.Darkra knew his mission was over.But he knew his brother died happy...On The Hunt.

Epilogue Edit

Over hundreds of years Darkra hunted for his brothers death.Later in his life he had a close friend he called his brother.His name was Zel'no'di.